Dentist Salaries - International Comparison

Job Description:   The dentist job includes the following responsibilities: (i) determines condition of mouth and teeth of patients using if necessary X-ray examinations or special tests; (ii) administers general or local anaesthetics; (iii) drills and fills lesions produced by dental caries; (iv) polishes teeth; (v) extracts teeth which are harmful; (vi) provides root canal treatment; (vii) prescribes drugs or medicaments; (viii) arranges for hospital or specialist treatment where appropriate; (ix) takes impressions of gums and teeth and passes impressions to workshops to fabricate dentures [9].
Methodology:   Unless otherwise indicated, the gross income is obtained from data provided to the International Labour Organization [9] by government agencies (Statistics Canada, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Statistics Finland, etc). The compulsory deductions include income tax, municipal tax, provincial/state income tax, social security (pension plan, medicare), compulsory additional insurance, etc. The deductions are representative of single-earner-married-without-child status, and are obtained from income tax calculators [t], social security withholdings, the OECD Tax Database [k], or other sources. Employees include both men and women unless otherwise noted.

Dentist Job Average Salary

Country  Net Monthly Income  constant 2005 US$ [a] [d] Notes, Source                                                                               Gross Monthly Job Income Compulsory Deductions Weekly Hours
U.S. average salary PPP $ 6,164 $ 6,164 Full-time and part-time employees, 2005. U.S. Department of Labor, [t]. 8,561 dollars 28% 38.0
Japan average income PPP $ 4,402 $ 5,522 Incl. overtime and bonus, April 2004. Excl. temporary employees. Private establishments with 50 or more regular employees. Japan Statistical Yearbook [17], [k]. 724,649 yens 20%
Australia average income PPP $ 4,164 $ 4,087 Average of dentist and general physician, May 2004. Normal hours from collective agreements. Australian Bureau of Statistics, [9], [t]. 7,480 dollars 28% 36.6
Italy average salary PPP $ 3,051 $ 3,294 Normal hours of work, 2005. Average of general physician and dentist, Istituto Nazionale di Statistica, [9]. 4,336 euros 39% 38.0
UK median salary PPP $ 3,016 $ 3,500 Employees, 2005. UK Employment Department, [9], [t]. 2,706 pounds 29% 37.0
Finland average salary PPP $ 2,937 $ 3,507 Normal hours of work, 2004. Men only. Women make 4,249 euros per month. Statistics Finland, [9], [k], [t]. 4,564 euros 40% 37.2
Thailand average salary PPP $ 2,273 $ 725 Men employees, 2005. Women make 35,300 bahts per month. Thailand National Statistical Office, [9], [t], [s]. 31,325 bahts 7% 42.0
Kuwait average income PPP $ 1,978 $ 2,469 Men employees, 2004. Kuwait Ministry of Planning, [9]. 705 dinars 0% 42.0
Slovakia average income PPP $ 1,195 $ 614 Employees, 2004. Štatistický úrad Slovenskej republiky, [9], [k]. 24,589 korunas 22% 32.7
Czech Republic average income PPP $ 1,070 $ 699 Excl. bonuses, 2005. Czech Statistical Office, [9]. 22,574 korunas 26% 31.9
Romania average salary PPP $ 488 $ 251 Men employees, 2005. Women make 932 new lei per month. Romania National Institute of Statistics, [9]. 1,032 new lei 30% 38.8


[a]   Interbank nominal exchange rate,; historical currency converter for over 164 currencies and 3 metals.
[d]   World Economic Outlook Database, September 2006, International Monetary Fund.
[k]   OECD Tax Database. Annual database providing comparative information on personal and corporate income tax and consumption tax systems and rates in OECD countries since 2000. Information on social security contributions levied on employees and their employers is also reported.
[t]   Net income from gross income (calculators, tables): Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, UK, U.S., Singapore.
[9]   International Labour Organization. Compilation of average salary income worldwide. Classified by country, by employment category, and by gender.
[17]   Japan Statistical Yearbook, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2006.